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JonCha is a French musician, director, actor and writer.
JonCha 是法国的音乐家,导演,演员以及作家。

He acted in over twenty dramas and directed six plays. Three of his plays and one of his novels are published in France ​( Barbaque, Aracadia Editions).
Since 2004, he has composed many music for plays and choreographies from classical to electronic.

After he toured all over Europe with his one man band This is the 3rd Day of our Freedom, he set a band that could enable him to mix all the different genres of music he is curious of. JonCha & Black Owl Club was signed by the label Atmosphériques in 2012. It blends rock, classical harmonies, pop, cinematic influences, a touch of world music and a taste of electronic sound.

他出演过二十多部戏剧,并且执导了六部剧集。由他撰写的三部戏剧及一部小说已经在法国出版(Barbaque, Aracadia Editions)。


JonCha & Black Owl Club 在2012年被label Atmosphériques签下。它混合了摇滚乐,古典和声,流行乐,电影配乐,世界音乐和电子乐。​

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